When the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic?

by News UK

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Introduction to the Arctic Basecamp project and Professor Whiteman’s work The iceberg from Greenland to Scotland - details How do you bring science into the Blue Zone? Sense if COP26 is working? How do you negotiate with world leaders? How do you make the science heard by those with a vested interest? What is the psychology behind communicating with key players? What is China actually doing? Working with key youth environmentalists What are Arctic Basecamp’s goals for COP26?

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Event Date

Start Date :: 2021-11-03 18:30:00

Event Duration

30 Minutes

Event Location

Jacques Finnieston ,

G3 8TF

Event speakers

Lucy Siegle

BIO::Times Earth correspondent

Professor Gail Whiteman

BIO::Professor of Sustainability at Exeter University and creator of Arctic Basecamp project


Jacques Finnieston

1146 Argyle St