Human Rights and Governance - climate change

by News UK

About The Event

Session overview: Government policy and investment, and how the two interplay in climate change - Climate Change harms not just the physical world but also the pillars of our society. - Climate Change fosters resource depletion, degradation, etc which leads to abuses of human rights and governance - e.g corporates cheat and cut corners and society leaves sector behind - and conflict etc

Event Details

Event Date

Start Date :: 2021-11-04 18:30:00

Event Duration

30 Minutes

Event Location

Jacques Finnieston ,

G3 8TF

Event speakers

Kiran Andrews

BIO::Scottish political editor

Jason McCue

BIO::Cofounder of Greenlit and senior partner of McCue Jury Law

Alexander Rhodes

BIO::Head of Mishcon Purpose

Seema Joshi

BIO::Director of Campaigns

Tessa Khan

BIO::Founder and Director


Jacques Finnieston

1146 Argyle St