Breaking down the science live more sustainability

by The Word Forest Organisation

About The Event

The Word Forest Organisation, is a UK charity that plants trees, builds classrooms and facilitates education in rural Kenya. It also shines a spotlight on the women’s empowerment group, Mothers of the Forest. Our Scientific Advisor Bill McGuire, will be sharing his knowledge and insights from his work on climate change, which he also puts into environmental activism and writing. The sustainability team from Oaklin, Consultants will be sharing how businesses can have a sustainable core.

Event Details

Event Date

Start Date :: 2021-11-09 19:00:00

Event Duration

90 Minutes

Event Location

Sherbrooke Mosspark Parish Church ,

240 Nithsdale Road

G41 5AD

Event speakers

Tracey West

BIO::CEO and co-founder of a small, international reforestation charity and a passionate advocate for simple, green living and women's rights.

Dominic Hurndall

BIO::Dominic Hurndall is a partner in Oaklin Consulting with over 20 years of consulting experience. He has working helping businesses to do more to drive to a carbon zero footprint.

Professor Bill McGuire

BIO::Bill McGuire is Emeritus Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London and is one of Britain's leading volcanologists. Bill was a contributor to the Paris Agreement.

Jake Causley

BIO::Jake is a passionate environmentalist who is heavily engaged in sustainability, wildlife, and the natural world.

Simon West

BIO::Simon is responsible for the technical side of running the charity and overseeing all trustee activity to ensure compliance with charity law.


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