Times Earth Hub with Greenlit Evening Sessions

by News UK

About The Event

Session overview: The power of sport to drive the behavioural changes needed to fight climate change Overview of each speakers project Why it is important for sport to be involved in environmental causes Changes your area of sport has made and is making The challenges that have had to been overcome - continued to be faced How sport can be a key area to support the behavioural changes within society need to reach net zero

Event Details

Event Date

Start Date :: 2021-11-02 18:00:00

Event Duration

30 Minutes

Event Location

Jacques Finnieston ,

G3 8TF

Event speakers

Luke Jones

BIO::Times Radio hos

Claire Pool

BIO::CEO and Founder of Sport Positive and ClearBright Consulting

Julia Fry

BIO::Communications Manager

Tom Gribbin



Jacques Finnieston

1146 Argyle St