Governance- The heart of the climate crisis

by One World Trust

About The Event

This purpose of this event is to apply insights from decades of world federalist thought to the resolution of the climate crisis. The session will end with a QnA which will enable the audience to debate the insights the panal provide to the audience

Event Details

Event Date

Start Date :: 2021-11-03 10:00:00

Event Duration

60 Minutes

Event Location

Strathclyde University, The Venue ,

51 Richmond Street

G1 1XN

Event speakers

Robert Whitfield

BIO::Robert Whitfield is the chair of the One World Trust and will speak on the proposal of a UN Parliamently assembly

John Vlasto

BIO::John Vlasto will detail unlocking collective action and the role of the UN Parliamentary Assembly in global climate change.

Shirleen Chin

BIO::Shirleen will detail the role of the youth and the ecocide campaign relating to environmental and climate governance.


Robert Whitfield

331-337 Kennington Lane