COP26 Fringe

31st Oct - 12th Nov 2021

Welcome to COP26 FRINGE

We all know this is the biggest climate conference ever held and how critical it is. 99% of the people that applied to attend did not get a ticket. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have something to say.

So, we have created this website and App where everybody can post details of their fringe events for people to attend or participate virtually from all over the world. Please register your event(s) and we will publish it here for everybody looking to contribute to the climate crisis around the COP26 Climate Summit.

Fill out this form to register your fringe event and create an account. Once verified and processed, we will post your event on the site for everyone to get involved.


Glasgow, Scotland. UK


1 November to 12 November

COP26 Fringe Event Schedule

Times Earth Hub Morning Briefing Luke Jones

Daily breakfast briefing with Luke Jones, Times Radio Breakfast show host who will be joined each day by journalists from The Times and The Sunday Times

B Corps and the Great Reset B Lab UK

Come along if you are keen to understand more about how the B Corp Movement is trying to change our economic system

B Corps and the Great Reset

come alone if you are keen to understand more aboute how th B corp movement is trying to chnage oue economic system.

Governance- The heart of the climate crisis Robert Whitfield

Event being held by One world trust to address the proposal of a UN Parliament's assembly


Translink’s Transformative Journey to Decarbonise Public Transport in Northern Ireland

Resource security in a net zero world

Panel discussion on options for a more balanced approach to resource use, and the impact this could have on efforts to tackle climate change

Rights of Nature Tribunal Climate False Solutions

The International Rights of Nature Tribunal is a forum for people from all around the world to speak on behalf of Nature.


Planet Mark attendance at Walk2COP26

B Corp Community COP 26 B Social

calling all B corps! join us to get to know each other over drinks,nibbles ans inspiring conversations.

Energy crisis puts a net zero future at risk? Lucy Siegle

ENERGY: Is net zero running out of energy? Does the energy crisis put a net zero future at risk?

When the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic? Lucy Siegle

What happens when the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic - the realities of climate change

Small Business Meetup: People, Planet, Pint

Come and meet other business owners and professionals and chat about Net Zero in a relaxed atmosphere at our COP26 Pub